Top 5 Fashion Tips for 2022

Fashion is a great form of self-expression and personal style and it can help you boost your confidence. It’s fun to experiment with new trends and looks, but being comfortable and confident in your own skin is important too. As with any other pursuit, however, there are ways to do it right and wrong. In this post I’ll share my top 5 fashion tips for 2022 so you can balance comfort with fashion.

Fashion is personal

Fashion is very personal, and it’s important to pay attention to what looks good on you. Everyone has their own style and preferred brands, so the best thing is to do your research and figure out what works for your body type. If you are unsure about where to start with fashion or need help finding clothes that fit, testing out new trends can be a great way to learn more about yourself and find new styles that compliment your personality. If you’re not sure how certain pieces
fit together or how much they cost, check out websites like Pinterest for inspiration!

Okay, you’re probably not going to get hit by a truck or die of an aneurysm, but it’s still important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you feel good about yourself, so if your clothing doesn’t make the cut, then it’s time for some changes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about being fashionable over the years, it’s this: no matter what else is happening in your life (good or bad), if you’re feeling confident and good about yourself as a person, then everything will be alright. So even if things aren’t going smoothly at work, school or home right now, keep rocking those ripped jeans because at least they make you happy!

Balance comfort with fashion

You know what’s more important than fashion? Comfort. Remember that when you’re shopping for clothes in 2022, as trends change at a rapid pace and designers are always trying to one-up each other. If you can’t walk around in it all day without feeling like your stomach is made of lead weights, put it back on the rack. This isn’t just good advice for picking out clothing, it works for shoes, accessories and even hairstyles.

As far as style goes, remember that comfort can look cool too. There’s nothing wrong with choosing comfort over style any time of the day or week.

You should also be aware that fashion is cyclical. What’s “in” this season can very easily become “out” next season, so don’t spend a lot of money on high-end items that you’re likely to wear only once or twice before they go out of style. If you have a favorite designer whose pieces never go out of style then by all means splurge on something classic and timeless. Pretty Findz makes this possible by providing timeless classics way below the retail cost so you can splurge on other things. 

know your body type

To find out what your body type is, take a look at the shape of your body. If you are small-chested, with narrow shoulders, a small waist and wide hips, you have an hourglass figure. If you have wide hips and a smaller waist than shoulders, then you have an apple shape. If your upper torso is larger than your lower torso (think football players), then you have an inverted triangle shape. Lastly, if your shoulders are wider than both of these then you’re probably just built like this naturally and that’s ok.

Wear shoes that fit well and look good

Don’t overlook the importance of shoes that fit well and look good. The human foot is one of the most amazing things in nature, but you’ll never get to appreciate its full glory if your shoes are too tight or too loose. LOL. Your feet will cramp up and become numb from the constant rubbing inside your shoe. And if you’re wearing heels, you could end up falling flat on your face because your feet couldn’t handle being crammed into those pointy toe-cages for so long.

So don’t overlook the importance of shoes that fit well and look good. You can have the best-looking outfit in the world, but if your shoes aren’t appropriate for whatever you’re wearing, it really doesn’t matter.

wear trendy colours and accessorize well

A lot of people love the colour black because it goes well with almost every style. However, you should not avoid colors. In fact, there are a ton of colors that can be worn right now—and they’re ones that look especially good on you!

So what are these colors? Well, it depends on your skin tone. Lighter-skinned folks should gravitate toward pastels and light neutrals like peach or light blue; medium-skinned ladies can rock out with hot pink and orange; dark-skinned divas will shine in deep purples or reds. That said, it’s important to know how to wear each one—if you go for something too loud for your complexion (say, a bright purple jacket with neon yellow pants), not only will it make you look clownish but also risk having people mistake you for an actual clown. LOL.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: just focus on making sure all the pieces in your wardrobe fit together cohesively instead of trying to match every single item exactly. You will eventually get it.

In conclusion, we hope that you now have some new fashion tips to try out in your own style. From buying a new top to making sure that it fits right, these tips can help guide you on your journey to the perfect look! In a world where fashion is ever-changing, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends. But with these tips in hand, you’ll be well on your way to looking good and feeling great no matter what year it is or what’s popular at any given moment.

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